Take your power back with transformative coaching

We all experience the world differently. So why should mental health care be one-size-fits-all? 

For clients’ restorative journeys, I support the development of each person’s own personal practice which becomes the axis on which healing revolves/evolves. I empower the client to step into the vital role of CEO of their own healthcare strategy. I am present every step of the way guiding and supporting clients on their upward spiral of wellness.

My purpose in life is to not only coach others how to survive but also abundantly thrive

In service of others, I am here to support and encourage those seeking to make a profound personal change in their lives. I provide the space and time clients need to feel relaxed themselves, at peace, and to speak their truth; then I respond from my heart channel. By equipping clients with tools and skills, I support them to live their truth authentically and express that truth through the right action.

I hold a container of empathic compassion, where lived experience is met with deep listening, creating a safe space for my clients. In this space, I facilitate people leaning into their discomfort, allowing self-repair within nervous systems, and aligning with their divine purpose to catalyze their evolution from surviving to thriving.

Your journey to vitality begins here

You were born to thrive.

Interview with Dr Jesse Hanson

Ross’ work and service is brutally powerful. Incredible journey this healer has taken as a trailblazer to lessen the suffering and bring awareness to humanity for how to heal the root causes of mental health symptoms.


Ross’ work is powerful, brave and courageous.
Thank you for your service.

Jen C.

Once or maybe twice in a lifetime, someone comes into your life who positively, profoundly and permanently improves the journey through life. Ross is a spiritual guide and healer who is a pioneer in the field of mental wellness who has a heart overflowing with compassion to assist in transforming lives.


Collaborate With Ross 

If you’re ready to take the first step on your own journey to mental wellness, I invite you to join me. Together, let’s explore the mind, body, and soul connection. Let’s discover the root cause of your symptoms and create a customized plan for healing. Because there is one thing that I know for certain: you are not alone.