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Produced by Toronto’s 90th Parallel Productions, the multi-award-winning project was completed in May 2013. The issues it highlights are just as prevalent—if not more so—today, nearly a decade after its release.

I co-produced, co-authored, and starred in the film.

I shared my story and presented others’ to educate and challenge how society perceives mental illness. The film has been screened in festivals, on television, and in classrooms around the world.

Millions are diagnosed with mental illnesses,

only to receive prescriptions for psychotropic drugs they may not need, with little guidance on how to live well. Bipolar disorder is one of the most common mental illnesses, yet its causes and treatments are still largely misunderstood. In this documentary, I use my own experience with bipolar disorder to explore how we can rethink our approach to mental health and wellness.

While Bipolarized is a Canadian production, its themes are global in scope. Through numerous interviews with doctors, naturopathic healers, Big Pharma whistleblowers, and investigative journalists, the film takes an in-depth look at our current mental health system and the $36.77 billion psychotropic drug market


“Kudos to Dr. Silverman and his staff! They made the process easy from beginning to end! The office ambiance is all good vibes, beautiful and and more importantly he did amazing work! Thank you for putting my father at ease and making the experience a very painless one! Highly recommend!”

Ross’ work is powerful, brave and courageous.
Thank you for your service.

Once or maybe twice in a lifetime, someone comes into your life who positively, profoundly and permanently improves the journey through life. Ross is a spiritual guide and healer who is a pioneer in the field of mental wellness who has a heart overflowing with compassion to assist in transforming lives.