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Ross Mckenzie


The core of my Dharma is my personal practice.

For my clients’ restorative journeys, supporting the development of their own personal practice becomes the axis on which healing revolves/evolves. Along with receiving my individualized coaching guidance I also mentor my clients, assembling and quarterbacking a custom-tailored team of seasoned practitioners for each client when the supportive therapeutic tools needed are out of the scope of my skillset.

This empowers clients to step into the vital role of CEO of their own healthcare strategy. I am present every step of the way guiding and supporting my clients on their upward spiral of wellness.

Energy follows thought,

and our thoughts, words and actions collectively form our reality. In maintaining a reverent commitment to affirmative thoughts and positive actions we embrace the support of all creation and ascend to a higher plane of self-love and understanding.

No – 01

One on one coaching with a personal touch

Private sessions that focus on you and your unique needs.

No – 02

12 personalized sessions. Once per week. 60 minutes each.

You are twelve sessions away from positive change

No – 03

The ball is in your court

You control the pace of your sessions.

No – 04

A safe space for emotions

When emotions arise, they are welcome in a safe space. The purpose of each session is to self-regulate and build the foundation for a healthy nervous system.

No – 05

Multidisciplinary approach

Each session is a unique combination of talk therapy, mindfulness practices, and somatic therapies. You’ll learn techniques that you can use on your own time to support your emotional well-being.

No – 06

Extracurricular support

Each client will leave their session with action steps and practices to experiment with in between sessions.

No – 07

Confidential Always

What’s said in coaching stays in coaching. Period.

Package of 12 sessions – price $1,500 USD

Pricing and Conditions

It is my goal to make pricing as inclusive and affordable for as many people as possible. My coaching package is a flat rate and expires 4 months from the commencement of the first session.


Ross’ work and service is brutally powerful. Incredible journey this healer has taken as a trailblazer to lessen the suffering and bring awareness to humanity for how to heal the root causes of mental health symptoms.



Ross’ work is powerful, brave and courageous.
Thank you for your service.

Jen C.


Once or maybe twice in a lifetime, someone comes into your life who positively, profoundly and permanently improves the journey through life. Ross is a spiritual guide and healer who is a pioneer in the field of mental wellness who has a heart overflowing with compassion to assist in transforming lives.


What to Expect

Ross’ work is a distillation of 25 years of research, paying forward an evolving magnum opus of valuable and practical information to future generations.

Be fully present

When you arrive for your session, you need to be fully receptive to the coaching process. This means showing up on time and being engaged in the conversation.

Have a strong Wi Fi connection

For the best coaching experience, you need to have a strong Wi-Fi connection. This will ensure that we can stay connected during your session.

Focus on your experience

The focus of each session is on your experience in the present moment. We’ll explore the thoughts, emotions, and sensations that arise in the moment.

Be open minded

To get the most out of coaching, you need to be open-minded and willing to try new things. To succeed with coaching, you must sincerely desire to implement changes toward optimal health.

Take action

Coaching is not a passive process. To see results, you need to be actively engaged in the process and willing to take action on the goals we set together.
Note: On-line coaching sessions will be on a private video link. This link will be provided, in an email, prior to the first session