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The use of alternative and complementary treatment methods is on the rise today. More people are getting accustomed to ancient energy-based treatment healing practices to achieve mind and body wellness. Among the innovative earth-centered traditions is Shamanic medicine, a healing approach to energy imbalance many ancient communities believed was “ineffective.”

Contrary to popular misconception, shamanic medicine is not magic. Shamanic medicine is based on three fundamental concepts.

Different underlying energy problems in the body may manifest as similar disease symptoms.
A belief that disease may manifest unresolved issues in the community.
All illnesses have underlying spirituality or energy issues that manifest physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.
Shamanic medicine was practiced in ancient times and shares common core beliefs. This article will dive deeper into its application in modern medicine. It will help you understand how to incorporate shamanic medicine techniques alongside the modern medical treatment you or a loved one may be undertaking.

History of Shamanic Medicine
Shamanic medicine is perceived to be the oldest healing practice among all the known energy healing modalities known today. Its medical tools are common across different communities in varying cultures worldwide. Why so? Because Shamans were respected members of society in ancient times with a mastery of spirituality.

The Shamans were believed to be a link between the spiritual and ancestral worlds to the physical worlds. Healers would often use this connection to bring about healing and positive changes in the community.

Shaman healers lived among the ancient American Indians, arctic cultures, Australian aborigines, and the African San communities. Luckily, most of these people have passed down shamanic knowledge and tradition, giving rise to modern shamanic medicine practices.

How Shamanic Medicine Works
Shamanic healing has two unique phases.

Diagnosis of the energies causing disease in the patient
Holding healing ceremonies to align the energies and resolve the problem
Shamanic practitioners from ancient times and today utilize three primary tools to deliver shamanic healing to their clients. The tools include

Shamanic Journeying
The shamans undertake a spiritual journey to other dimensions of reality to communicate directly with the spirits, where they enter a trance state during the shamanic journey.

Shamanic Worlds
During a shamanic journey, the practitioners often travel through one or more spiritual worlds. The worlds include

The middle spirit world
The lower spirit world, which plants characterize
The upper spirit world, which is filled with people and spirits
Helping Spirits
Shamanic healers work closely with helping spirits and greater mysteries to guide them in identifying the cause of the illness and healing the patient. They also deliver wise counsel from the spirit world to the physical world.

Shamanic medicine techniques may vary across different people, but ultimately, the treatment alters the state of consciousness to heal. Treatment may occur through prayers and elaborate ceremonies involving singing, chanting, and dances to summon healing energy into the body. The rituals may also include using exceptionally crafted artworks such as sacred drums and rattles.

Shaman medicine will sometimes include different plants incorporated into the spiritual practice. Some of the most popular plants in shamanic medicine include psilocybin and fly agaric mushrooms, peyote, and ayahuasca.

Application of Shamanic Medicine in Modern Medicine
Shamanic medicine has found its place in modern medicine because it utilizes brain functions to promote body wellness. The practice induces an altered state of consciousness (ASC) that facilitates relaxation and psychological integration. It also enhances the operation of the brain’s neurotransmitter systems.

Modern-world shamanic medicine has been used as an alternative and complementary medicine to treat various mental conditions. Shamanic treatment is effective in treating symptoms of trauma, PTSD, and addiction and promoting general mental well-being.

Best-selling authors Flavia Kate Peters and Barbara Meiklejohn-Free have published excellent books that aim to guide understanding of earth-centered traditions that form the core of Shamanic medicine.

Popular Shamanic Healing Techniques
Shamanic Medicine Oracle Cards
Shamanic medicine oracle cards are used as intuitive divination tools to enable you to interact with the spiritual realm and receive wise counsel. The decks differ from tarot decks because they do not follow a fixed set structure. The Shamanic medicine oracle cards allow users to tap into their intuition and inner knowing to improve their well-being.

However, make no mistakes; shamanic medicine oracle cards work just as well as tarot decks.

To get the best from Shamanic medicine oracle cards, Consider the following.

Store the Shamanic medicine oracle cards in a special place in your house alongside other spiritual artifacts. If you have a spiritual altar in your home, the better!
Trust your intuition while using the Shamanic medicine oracle cards, do not overthink them.
Make Shamanic medicine oracle cards reading a part of your daily ritual and a part of your group activities while hanging out with friends and loved ones.
There are steps that you should follow when reading Shamanic medicine oracle cards. They include

Make the Shamanic medicine oracle cards part of your energy by carrying them wherever you go, playing with them, and using them often.
You need to ensure that you have formulated your specific questions beforehand before consulting the Shamanic medicine oracle cards to ensure you get clear answers.
Shuffle the Shamanic medicine oracle cards well before embarking on your session. As your children embark on preparing the Shamanic medicine oracle cards, be present and take deep breaths to allow your energy to match with the cards’ energy.
Spread your Shamanic medicine oracle cards until you feel a spiritual pull, and choose your card.
Take some time and sit with your Shamanic medicine oracle card you pull out before checking the card’s meaning in the comprehensive guidebook.
Utilize your comprehensive guidebook once you have picked your Shamanic medicine oracle card to get further insights into the card’s more profound meaning.
Summarize your message from the Shamanic medicine oracle card based on the message you received intuitively and the description you got from the comprehensive guidebook.
Connecting With Your Ancestors
You can turn to your ancestors by conducting a shamanic practice during a dark time or mental unease. To connect to the ancestor’s realm, create an altar in your home, place a thing that represents the ancestor spirit, and connect with them.

Healing the Past
If there are people that may have hurt you on the part or you have unfinished business with, take some time and reach out and make things right.

Getting Healing From the Earth
You can receive healing from the earth by conducting a ritual lying down on the ground with the help of your spiritual guide. Your guide will lead you in reciting words that will help you feel a connection with the earth and promote cleansing from the universe’s energy flow.

Invoking the Four Elements
When you feel drained and your energies are off, you can tap into the energy of the elements. These elements are earth, water, air, and fire. Your shaman will guide you in creating a connection with the elements.

When You Should Seek Shamanic Medicine
The question at the back of your mind must be if Shamanic medicine is for you. If any of the points below resonate, you should start searching for your shaman.

You desire a better relationship with yourself, the people around you, nature, and the spirits.
You want to let go of old habits that no longer serve you.
You are curious about reaching your most fabulous self.
You feel like there is a blocker on your path to changing something in your life.
You want to cease control and receive wisdom on complex issues in your life.
You want to learn new ways of acquiring wisdom and achieve good health on your journey to your higher self.
Finding a Shamanic Healer
Shamanic medicine requires working with a practitioner who has strong ethics, is empathetic, qualified, experienced, and has a genuine interest in shamanism.

There are guidelines that I want to share with you before embarking on the journey to finding the right shaman to deliver wise counsel. They include

Ensure your Shaman healer matches your needs and preference. There are different types of shaman healers who specialize in various shaman works. Some shamans work in group settings, while others specialize in different fields, such as trauma, energy balance, and addictions. The shaman healer you choose should be a fit for your unique needs.
Ensure your healer has a positive and pure spirit and good intentions to ensure your well-being and their shamanic abilities.
Please have a good insight into their qualifications and experience.
Trust your gut. Your intuition will guide you to identifying a trustworthy healer.
The Society for Shamanic practice offers excellent guidance and a directory of Shamanic headers with whom you can consider starting your journey.

What to Expect During a Shamanic Healing Session
The session comprises three parts: Preparation, Shamanic journey, and return.

Every session will start with an open conversation with your shaman healer, who will seek to understand your past and present and what you want to achieve from the session. The shaman will then start the ceremony, where they help prepare your body for the energy journey you are about to undertake. Energy work might involve the shaman assessing your energy points and clearing blockers.

Shamanic Journey
Once the energy work is complete, the shaman will embark on the journey to connect with the spirit helpers and visits the spirit realm to search for healing and wisdom and transfer the energy from the spirit world to your body.

The Return
The return is where the shaman will deliver wise counsel gained from the spirit dimension and advise you on implementing the knowledge in your life.

The journey will be conducted in a quiet space indoors or outside with a centerpiece set up with a sacred altar adorned with spiritual items.

Visit a Shaman Today
Shamanic medicine is an excellent treatment for anyone seeking an alternative to conventional medicine. Shamanic medicine goes deeper than exotic treatment and has been around for ages. It will probably live even longer as modern medicine embraces alternative therapies that heal the body using energies.

If you are reading this, you may need a shamanic intervention to resolve your challenges. Reach out to a shamanic healer today, and they will walk you through the exciting journey.